Andreas’ love for nature on one hand and his strong interest in photography on the other hand made it seem logic to combine the two, resulting in a passion, he continues to develop to date. Travelling to many countries around the world gave him the opportunity to collect images from some of the most amazing places nature has to offer.

Meeting Emil Enchev a few years ago, professional photographer from Bulgaria, resulted in a partnership offering photo workshops in this wonderful and quite unknow country in Europe. Andreas acts as contact outside Bulgaria for any questions regarding Emil’s  nature photography workshops and has gained, too, a lot of experience as a guide in Bulgaria.

Being focused on conveying the beauty he experiences in nature, camera technology is just the vehicle to do so. Appreciation of the endless cosmos of nature’s diversity is much more important to Andreas than the perfect image. That is why he’d rather leave the camera in the bag instead of risking any detrimental effect.

In 2017, Andreas started developing small-scale projects to create diverse and rich habitats on his own land near his home in order to offer nature unspoiled room to grow. It is a wonderful way to express his gratitude for what nature has given him over so many years. No question, that he has a camera at hand while enjoying the returning wildlife to his gardens.