The Bulgarian professional photographer and tour guide Emil Enchev presents his work and information about our workshops as well as facts and figures about Bulgaria etc..
The biggest German speaking forum for nature photographers and for sure one with an amazing quality.
Axel not only is a known expert of the avifauna of the Western Paläarctic, but also an excellent nature-photographer, who has seen many interesting places around the globe.
Kai is sharing some of his best macro pictures on this website - a real expert in this field! Recently he also put outstanding pictures of his phototrip to Bulgaria online. Reinhard Lodzig has an incredible selection of pictures of birds of prey on his website. He will hopefully soon share his pictures of the Golden Eagle, that he took during our workshop in January 2012 in Bulgaria. He and his wife are also offering several photo-workshops throughout the year. Stefan Huwiler is showing pictures from different parts of the world and hopefully soon also from Bulgaria.

Trip reports Homepage of Renee and Peter Overbosch with lot's of great pictures and a trip report of their tour with Emil Enchev.